Exact date of creation of the Moscow proletarian sports society "Dinamo" is known — April, 18th, 1923. That superiority of Moscow on volleyball of 1926 became the first official competition in which the volleyball command of a society has taken part. As a rule it is considered to be date of the basis day when there was a meeting (session, etc.) With formation (statement) of volleyball section of a society. If to take the Moscow society "Dynamo", command game kinds of sports documents or references to them in a press of 1923 about creation of sections of football, basketball and Russian hockey are known are more exact. Unfortunately, similar documents of volleyball it is not found yet. In search of command birthday it is necessary to consider as following step the first participation in official competitions), or in general the first any, let even companionable, a match. With it business is more difficult. To exclude that for 3 years with 1923 on 1926 any companionable matches are led it were impossible. Whether workers, say, militias could at leisure play among themselves in volleyball? Certainly. Game at that time was already known, any difficultly accessible stock did not demand. But, once again we will make a reservation that the first data about a volleyball command "Dynamo" (Moscow) has appeared in a press on a joint of 1925/26 years. So the question with basis date remains at present opened.

In December 1925 the newspaper «Red Sports» reported the first draw of the primacy of Moscow, indicating even the date of 2 matches involving «Dinamo» - 8 Dec, 1925 School BONO (?) And 15 Dec, 1925 with MGSFK ( «Moscow Gubernsky Board of Physical culture »). However, the 10.01.1926 in the same «Red Sports» reported that «the game halted until the spring season, when they can be carried out in the open air». Did manage to «Dinamo» play at least one of the announced matches? Unknown. And how about the first primacy of Moscow? After all, this was the main event, championship USSR was still not being played. Scheduled for the summer of 1926, first due to technical troubles started in the end only in November. Involved 5 teams - STS ( «Soviet and Commercial Employees»), «Saharniki», «Trehgorka», «printers» and «Dynamo». As you can see, today preserved only «Dynamo». The drawing was held in the 2 range. The first men's team «Dynamo» know that November 16, 1926 lost «Trehgorke», November 23, won a «Pechatnikov» 30 November, and won a «Saharnikov». The first champion in the club off the CCC became champion in the tournament the first men's teams is unknown. Each team exhibited some commands, the number of rules and competitions from year to year change.

As a rule, involved a few men's teams (the first - the master, second, third, etc.), few women in the same manner as is sometimes argued veterans (they lovingly called «old»), later in the 30th years, there were teams of boys and girls. Prestigious total defeat in the club (general) classification, when the points gained by all teams (from the first male to child) were aggregated. The overall winning club was much more important than the winning team of craftsmen. Rules of the competition has changed - at first assessed the same number of points for winning the first and, for example, the fifth command, and then took the differential distribution of points for the victory when the teams first accrue more points than winning the second team, respectively, for the second team win more points than victory for the third and so on. There was a time when credit is comprised of putting physical standards for the run, pull and so on, as well as «politboy». So there are cases where higher performance on a team gave way to the final table line to a lower neighbor just because its players are worse darted grenades or less politically-shod. Yes and the volleyball at the time differed from that of today.

Here's how the game is described by the middle of 20th years in the press: «According to the judges signal the players of each team stood in 2 lines. Voleybolist feeding team, who stood in a special box for the platform, holding up his hand, loudly said: "Attention!" And then both hands on the ball break through the mesh. The competition began ... it was reduced to only one - able to move the ball toward the opponent. Permitted to capture and throws, played mostly in 2 pass, the third is to save just in case. The attack was only one player who ran for the final blow to the grid from any location site. It required the attacker great physical strength and endurance. The functions of the other players merely to service the attacker. But the coup de grace was the substance of shots, because a strong shock (the official name of the then-rules "sinking the ball") are rarely used. The game was in slow, and some parties were playing for hours. » But back to the «Dynamo». Where to home team games? In the warm season - outdoors in Orlowo-Gorodok Lane until 1928. By putting into operation the Central Stadium «Dynamo» - home became the site next to its stadium. Sometimes, if the interest in the match was great - volleyball constructing a sports arena at the Grand Central Stadium «Dinamo». In the winter, along with basketball voleybolisty shared gym «Dynamo» on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, before the revolution belonged to the German gymnastic society «Tour Fereyn». By the way, this room, there is still (!!!) near the metro station Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

Since January 1940 the newly established team «Dinamo» participate in the championship of Moscow in the second group to go and occupy the first place. Successful club in the Cup in Moscow, however, is not the first and the second team. «Back» managed to winning in the semifinals «Sherstyanik», to fight in the finals «Locomotive», lost October 13, 0:2 (9:15, 5:15). «Dynamo», not only returned to the group of the strongest teams in Moscow, but also received the right to participate in the qualifying competitions for the USSR Championship for the second group. Break did not work - lost at the preliminary level of the other teams in Moscow. During the summer of 1944 «Dinamo» has achieved major success, winning the Cup in Moscow. Our athletes won a crucial match of old rivals from «Locomotive» - 2:1. The game was held at the Central Park of Culture and Recreation Gorky 16 July. The composition of the winners: Krylov, Kolpakov, Golomazov, Artemyev, Vasilchikov, Sharov. Judging from the name, it can not be basic. In 1945, in anticipation of the first post-Soviet Championship was played in the same Cup Moscow Dynamo in the final gave way to the same «Locomotive» 1:2.