Rejuvenated Dinamo MOSCOW set the bar high for 2017-2018 season

Moscow, Russia, September 7, 2017. The management, coaching staff and players of Dinamo MOSCOW recently attended a media meeting ahead of the 2017-2018 season, only three days away from the start of the Russian national league. Dinamo MOSCOW will be one of three teams – together with Zenit KAZAN and Lokomotiv NOVOSIBIRSK – to represent Russia in the 2018 edition of the CEV Volleyball Champions League.

Many fans and media could watch a video review of the summer camp the team had at the premises of Volleygrad. After that, General Director, Nikolay Stupakov, Sports Director, Andrey Sekretarev, and head coach Yury Marichev, addressed the media.


“I would like to stress that many of our players participated in international competitions as members of the Russian national teams,” Mr Stupakov said. “Dmitry Yakovlev, Aleksandr Melnikov and Aleksei Chanchikov took bronze from the U21 World Championship, with Chanchikov returning home with a silver medal from the U23 World Championship as well. Middle blocker Dmitry Shcherbinin participated in the 2017 Universiade in Taipei, where he was the team captain and Russia won the silver medal. Yury Berezhko accounted for the most outstanding result when winning gold with Russia at the EuroVolley in Poland. This coming Sunday we will start the 2017-2018 season playing Zenit SAINT PETERSBURG, and we invite everyone to our home matches.”

The sponsors presented a number of gifts to the members of the team and especially to the newly crowned European champion, Yury Berezhko. The fans deserved a warm welcome especially to the newcomers – those players who have become members of Dinamo’s family for the first time before a Q&A session followed suit.


“The team we have formed this year can perform at the same level as in the previous season,” head coach Yury Marichev said. “We invited players from the second team and foreigners to help us this season. I hope they will show their best. The aim for the season is to repeat the results of the past year. I think the results we achieved were quite good. I hope that the same result would be a good end of the coming season taking into the consideration the fact that we decided to sign and work with many young players.”

“Thank you for coming to our media meeting,” European champion Berezhko said. “As far as my physical condition after the European Championship is concerned, I can say that we worked really hard and we achieved a good result. I will now start working with Dinamo and will try to help the team right from the beginning of the national championship.”


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